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Yankees beat the Red Sox with a boxing match included

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami-I imagine that at this time, you have already heard about the boxing match between the Yankees and the Red Sox that took place yesterday. The incident started when Tyler Austin slipped a little hard at second base and that seems to bother Brock Holt.

Later, Joe Kelly threw a ball to Austin body, then Austin charged him to the mound and Kelly, defended himself by throwing his glove. There began the shot of punches and suddenly Aaron Judge grabbed Joe Kelly and separated him from the fight.

Speaking after the game Judge explained that: “I was not trying to separate him. I was just trying to get Kelly off our man. But hey whatever happens”

We are sure of something, if Aaron Judge wants to separate someone in a fight, there is nothing that can be done to stop him. The problem of having a fight against the Yankees is that you have two giants in Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton that yesterday, the best of the night for me, more than the fight or the victory, was to see them both forcing the Red Sox to return to their dugout. Being pushed like a linebacker will with all his strength. Literally, Judge and Stanton pushed some 15 Boston players back to their dugout.

Aaron Boone defended his men, saying there was nothing dirty or malicious about Austin’s slip. Joe Kelly obviously threw intentionally to Tyler Austin the ball. The incredible thing is that he try first and fail without receiving any warning from the home referee.

As for the real aspects of the game, the Yankees finally won and both Stanton and Gary Sanchez, seem to have come out of their slumps. Another nice part of the Bombers last night win was that the bullpen that has been so bad, yesterday looked much better.

This game had everything from a seven-run Yankees lead to a Boston Grand Slam and finally a fight. The Yankees got the victory, now we have to wait for players to be suspended and that is not good at all. If we take into account that Greg Bird is out with an injury and Austin is replacing him, a suspension now for Tyler can be a problem for the Yankees.

This three-game series will end today at 7:10 PM with Sonny Gray pitching for the Yankees against Rick Porcello who will take the ball for the Red Sox.

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