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Who are the single game strikeout leaders from around the globe?

Raul Ramos (Twitter: @ramosrauli)

The action of a pitcher striking out a hitter, can remind us of a battle that takes place in a war, where a fighter dominates an adversary in the battlefield.

Baseball great Satchel Paige was known to put a performance when he would call in his outfielders, striking out the side.

All-Time Record:

The all-time record for most strikeouts in a single game of baseball belongs to Ron Necciai (1952), who retired 27 hitters in a nine-inning game.  Necciai pitched for Bristol in Class D ball. He won just one game in the Major Leagues and retired after a rotator cuff injury to his marvelous arm.

Read more about Ron Necciai HERE

In Venezuela:

Lew Krausse

In 1965 Lew Krausse struck out 21 hitters in the Venezuelan Professional League.

In Puerto Rico:

Pat Dobson

The Puerto Rican Winter League professional record belongs to Pat Dobson who he retired 21 hitters in 1967.

Francisco Javier Oliveras

In 1980 Francisco Javier Oliveras retired 21 hitters in Doble A baseball (Amateur).

In Cuba:

Rogelio Garcia

In Cuban baseball, Rogelio Garcia (1977), struck out 24 batters in a 16 innings game and Faustino Corrales (2001), retired 22 hitters in a nine-inning game.

In Dominican Republic:

Jose Nuñez

In the Dominican Republic Ex- MLB pitcher Jose Nuñez (1987) holds the record of most strikeouts in a game with 14.

In Japan:

Koji Noda

Koji Noda (1995) pitching for Orix, struck out 19 Chiba Lotte Mariners batters in the Japanese Professional League.

In Mexico:

Martin Dihigo

In Mexico, Martin Dihigo (1939) Lino Donoso (1951) and Ricardo Sandate (1974) shared the record with 18 batters.

In 1938 Dihigo struck out 22 hitters in a thirteen-inning game.

In the Negro Leagues:

Leon Day

In the Negro Leagues, the record belongs to Leon Day who in 1946 struck out 18 Baltimore hitters.

In Major League Baseball:

Tom Cheney

In 1962 Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators struck out 21 Baltimore Orioles in a 16-inning game.

The record for most strikeouts in a nine-inning game is 20 and is shared by Roger Clemens (1986), Kerry Woods (1998), Randy Johnson (2001) and Max Scherzer (2016)

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