The Red Sox Triple-A Team Disrespect the Yankees and Tyler Austin with a Strange Promotion

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami- On April 11, the rivalry between the Yankees and Boston was renewed at Fenway Park, when Tyler Austin and Joe Kelly unleashed a fight that provoked the two teams to clear their benches.

Things heated up when Austin made a hard, late slide on second base and his foot made contact with the leg of Red Sox player Brock Holt, exchanging words once the play was over. That brief conversation also led to both teams leaving their benches, but things were calm at that time.

However, that was just the beginning of the madness. Later in the game, Kelly hit Austin with a 97 mph fastball to the left elbow. The incident gained momentum when Austin hit his bat on the floor in frustration and started running towards the mound to charge Kelly. In a matter of seconds, both players exchanged right and left hooks, and both teams ran to the field to break the chaos.

After the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone told reporters clearly that his players would not retaliate the following night, same thing the Red Sox players said from their dressing room.

Austin received a five-game suspension from Major League Baseball last week, and his appeal was heard on Thursday.

So far everything seemed forgotten, but this morning Boston’s Triple-A affiliate team, Pawtucket Red Sox, has scheduled a unique promotion for the weekend of May 5-6 when the Yankees Triple-A (Scranton / Wilkes-Barre) is in the city. According to the PawSox Twitter page, all fans called Tyler or Austin will not be welcome at the stadium, while all fans named Joe and Kelly will be allowed to sign in for free.

It seems like a joke but it’s not. Not only could this trigger more fights, but at the same time it is ridiculous and disrespectful that the minor leagues allowed it. Things could get ugly…very ugly.

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