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Sit back and enjoy! The Bombers are coming

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami — Bombs and more bombs!! Yankees bats were alive tonight. If you are a Bronx Bombers fan, you must have many things to celebrate. The final score was 14 to 1 against the Minnesota Twins and that’s how the winning streak continues.

Things to be happy about

They have won 4 of the last 5 games, or 7 of the last 11.

Now with a general record of 12-9, they are still third in the AL East, but the season is just beginning, and if this team picks up the pace, it will be difficult to control.

We have an answer for third base.

Miguel Andujar

When it was announced that Miguel Andújar was not going to begin the season with the initial 25 man roster, many were upset, since the Dominican was the best hitter all during Spring Training. However, due to Drury’s injury, Miguelito was given the golden opportunity, and at this moment, he is hotter than the sun. His average is 316, with 3 homers and 11 RBIs. Those 3 homers have been in the last 6 games.

Gleyber got his first Major League Baseball hit!

Gleyber Torres

The Venezuelan who is considered the best prospect of the Yankees organization and among the top 5 of all baseball, tonight against Minnesota pitcher Tyler Kinley’s, finally connected a line drive to center field, and just like that, he now can say he has a hit in the best baseball league in the world. But hopefully, there’ll be many more to come. Now we have to wait and see if he can really fulfill the expectations, although Ronald Torreyes is always ready to go out and produce, because in the last 10 at bats he has 5 hits for an average of 500.

Giancarlo «The Beast» is back!

Giancarlo Stanton

He had a very annoying slump and Bronx fans have not make it easier, but tonight he went 4-4, including a homerun to left field, 2 RBIs and 3 runs. In spite of having passed that bad streak, Stanton now bats for 224, with 5 homers and 14 brought home. Bearing in mind that this man is characterized by starting very slow in April, take your popcorn out of the microwave and sit in your best recliner, because it looks like you are about to see a show like you never imagined.

The bullpen is improving

Aroldis Chapman

Not even the biggest pessimist thought the bullpen will start so terrible, because without doubt, the Yankees relievers are one of the most respected in this business. Fortunately, in the last 4 games and 8 innings and two thirds pitched, they haven’t allow a run yet. This is one of the best news for the Yankees.

Didi and Stanton do not slow down

Sir Didi and «The Judge»

These two are not only the face of the Bombers, but they do not lower their performance, and since the umpire yelled play ball on opening day, they have not stopped hitting.

Gregorius, with a 324, already has 7 homers and a total of 24 RBIs, in the three departments he ranks in the top 5 of the American League. The incredible thing is that Gregorius has already received 15 walks, something that last season was very rare to see, and in fact you would not believe if I told you that in the whole 2017 campaign he received 25.

The Judge on the other hand, hits for 325, with 6 homers and 15 RBIs. Not only his numbers are good, but now Judge has shortened his strikeout frequency and looks much more mature on the plate.


Kraken has to reach his level

Gary Sánchez

Gary Sánchez still not looking like the Gary we know, but although he has not looked so bad in the last 6 games, his average is 192, with 3 homers and has brought 15 teammates to the plate. Behind the home, his defense, started very well, but in the last 3 games has not been as tight as in the beginning of the tournament.

Sonny Gray needs to improve

Sonny Gray

Sonny is going through the worst start of his career. The ERA is 8.27 plus 11 walks. Sonny has everything to succeed, but among the problems he has with Gary, whom he does not seem to understand behind the plate and the unusual lack of control he has shown, I’m sure at this time, Larry Rothschild, the Yankees pitching coach, is going crazy trying to find a way to improve Gray.

The series between Yankees and Twins continue tomorrow at 6:35 PM, with what seems to be a duel between the Puerto Rican José Berrios, which is on fired so far in the season. His record is 2-1 and the ERA is 1.63, while for the Bombers, the veteran of a thousand battles, C.C Sabathia, who shows a 0-0 record with an average of 2.70, will climb the mound of sighs.

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