Sandy Gastón the »Baby Hurricane» is about to hit the Major Leagues

Miami, Flo- Sandy Gastón, known as the » Baby Hurricane », is only 16 years old. He was born in Matanzas, Cuba and he is already considered one of the best prospects in all baseball. Just 5 days ago, he finally has been declared a free agent, and now any major league organization can sign him when the doors of the new international contracting period open, on July 2.

Due to his age and not having played in the Cuban National Baseball Series, Gastón fits within the rules of the last major league labor agreement, which establishes a fixed amount that each team can spend on signing international players.

Sandy is a pitcher with an exquisite wind-up on the mound, his velocity reach almost 100 miles per hour, plus he have a slider that is getting better every day. The young Cuban player will be in the sights of many Major League Baseball teams soon.

In an exclusive interview Sandy decided to talk to us.

Con las Bases Llenas: Sandy tell us about your beginnings in baseball

Sandy: Well since I was little I always liked to play baseball and I started playing with 8 years old in the stadium, » El Cerro Pelado » in the town of Jovellanos, in Cuba. I always liked being a pitcher. I was in several championships where I made the national team category sub-12, then sub-15 and I was in the preselection of the Cuban Youth Team. Then I went to the Dominican Republic to look for my dream of being a professional.

Con las Bases Llenas: What were your main results in Cuba? And tell us if you always acted as a pitcher.

Sandy: I’ve always been a pitcher, in the sub-12 I had good results, I won 3 games and I saved 2, at that time I was a reliever, not a starter like now. In the sub-15 I was very good, I won 10 games and I lost only 1 and then got selected to the Cuban National Team Youth Category.

Con las Bases Llenas: Sandy tells us about your arm and your velocity. When did you realize you can pass the 90 miles per hour?

Sandy: Well I started working really hard and they told me that I have a powerful arm and when they check the radar, I scored 94 mph and I have continued to develop my speed. Fixing the technical problems I had on my mechanics, which is the most important and now I have even reached 99 mph.

Con las Bases Llenas: Wow! Awesome. I know you are going to sign with the team that suits you best, but we wanted to know if you have a team of your choice. 

Sandy: Miami Marlins 

Con las Bases Llenas: Outstanding! You imagine? And in fact I was seeing you in a picture that you were wearing the Miami Marlins hat and without a doubt seeing a boy so young that can throw this hard, in a city like Miami, the images of the late José Fernandez comes to my mind, a young boy, who pitch as hard as you I think would be incredible if this city could once again have the hope of a Cuban player who represents the majority of the population here and have a superstar from Cuban playing in the Marlin uniform. That would be wonderful! What do you think? 

Sandy: Yes, my dream since I was little was to be just like him, he was my favorite player, I always followed José Fernandez, rest in peace.  

Con las Bases Llenas: If you come to visit Miami or if you finally sign with the Marlins, I would be more than happy to take you to his monument and be there and even take some pictures together. How about? 

Sandy: Yes, I would be very grateful 

Con las Bases Llenas: How are you feeling in Dominican Republic? 

Sandy: I’m feel great here thanks God, giving the best of me in every event I’m in. 

Con las Bases Llenas: Are you adapting well to the live here? At least the food is similar (Laughter) 

Sandy: Yes (laughs). Here I have improved my body shape and gain more muscle. I’m working very hard.  

Con las Bases Llenas: Well Sandy, me personally as a Cuban, I am super proud of you and the career you are achieving and on behalf of the blog and the show » Con las Bases Llenas», I thank you infinite for this exclusive interview. Thank you Sandy. 

Sandy: Thanks to you, I am very grateful for the support. 

Con las Bases Llenas: Ladies and gentlemen you know, Cuban baseball continues to produce talented stars, today has been with us in this special program Sandy Gastón, known as: » Baby Hurricane ». One last question: Who gave you the name of » Baby Hurricane»? 

Sandy: Well that name was put to me by Guillermo Martinez. 

Con las Bases Llenas: Guillermo Martinez, a friend and collaborator of this show, which I will take this moment to thanks, he help made this wonderful interview possible, with this so nice and wonderful boy. Sandy God bless you and thank you very much. 

Sandy: Same to you.

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