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Questions for the New York Yankees in this 2018

Miami- Each team in Major League Baseball, will have a New Year Resolution for this 2018. One of them, the New York Yankees, has had an autumn and a winter, more active and more notorious than any other team in the majors. The last move of course, the arrival of the most valuable player in the National League in 2017: Giancarlo Stanton.

Bronx Bombers fans, have several questions: Is Aaron Boone ready for the great challenge of managing the most famous franchise in sports history? Can Greg Bird be the dream first baseman, and stay healthy? What will be the statistical and productive impact with Stanton and Aaron Judge in the lineup? Who will play second and third base? Can this group of young players fulfill the goal of lifting the 28th championship trophy in the team history?

The arrival of Boone brought discrepancies, but everything indicates that, of the 6 candidates that were interviewed for the position, was the most impressive to the owner Hal Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman. Boone brings experience in managing the press, since he comes from being part of it and had an outstanding career in the big leagues. Also, he comes from a family with excellent baseball DNA, but he has never experienced anything like what is to come. Everything indicates that he will managed based on numbers and sabermetrics, something that according to the Yankees office, was essential in the quest for their new manager.

In the 2015 season, Bird, was the best prospect of the Yankees, even above Judge and Sanchez. His good contact, power and swing, make him an excellent choice for Yankee Stadium, despite the injuries of 2016 and 2017, the Bombers believe, that Bird is the future, and in the 2017 post-season, the youngster gave flashes that this may be true.

The Yankees, have not detailed an exact lineup, in which they show how they will use Stanton and Judge, although it is reasonable to think that they will alternated between right field and designated hitter, which could keep the two players healthy. Brett Gardner is expected to serve as a left fielder on Opening Day, although there has been talk of whether Judge or Stanton could be in left field. Boone, even leave open a possibility to use Judge in center field; Judge was selected as a center fielder at Fresno State University, although he moved to right field when he signed as a professional. The good thing is that, both Stanton and Judge, just want to win and have declared that they are not interested in where they played, or in what turn they hit, but that their goal is to win the World Series.

By including Starlin Castro in the Stanton exchange and sending Chase Headley to the Padres, in a move related to salary, the Yankees have created vacancies in second and third base. Current candidates include Miguel Andujar at third base and Gleyber Torres at second base, with Thairo Estrada, Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Wade, also listed as possibilities. Most likely, one of these positions will be taken by someone who is not currently in the organization. The Yankees expressed interest in Manny Machado of the Orioles and have been in contact with free agent third baseman Todd Frazier. A meeting with Eduardo Núñez is another option on the table.

Each season for the last … .. well for more than 90 years, the expectations of the Yankees are none other than winning the World Series. Last season, even those who hate the Yankees the most, well … that is every person that is not a fan of the Bombers, had to admit that this group of young and talented players, known as the » Baby Bombers », is something nice to see taking the field every day, with that excitement and hunger they show and without doubts are among the three most talented teams in the majors. The arrival of Stanton, restored the anger and hatred perhaps a little lost by some, and now the Yankees are again » The Evil Empire ». Will it be that the glorious years of a dynasty, as it was in the late 90’s, is yet to come? Only the diamond will say the last word. But without a doubt, this spring, in Tampa, many but many balls are going to fly over the fences, and along with them thousands of fans against or in favor of the Yankees will have their eyes on the Bombers of the Bronx.

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