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Now batting leadoff for the Yankees…..Aaron Judge?????

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami, Fla. – It seems that Aaron Boone has reached the big apple with his iPad on hand and the new pilot of the Yankee ship does not rule out anything even … … Using Aaron Judge as leadoff man????

This is almost as incredible as some of Judge’s home runs, but Aaron Boone does not rule out the possibility that the American League Rookie of the Year bat first in the Bombers team, at least occasionally. Boone says he does not think this is likely but it is something he has considered and even thought about.

With a height of 6 feet 7 inches and 282 pounds, the Judge does not look exactly like the prototype of the first ideal bat that has been known throughout history. If we look at his stats, Judge received 127 walks last season and had an on-base percentage of 422. Although he struck out 202 times and hit 52 homers.

The manager Boone, as we already know, is one of the so-called modern managers, who base most of their decisions and how to manage the team in the use of analytics and statistics that measure parameters not usually used known as sabermetrics.

In my opinion this would not be a good experiment. If it is a great truth that Judge gets on base with a very good frequency, he also struck out too much and although the sabermetrics say that the best hitters should be used in the first 3 in the order, it seems to me that a leadoff guy, must be someone fast and a good contact hitter who can put the ball in play a lot.

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Alfredo Alvarez
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