Meet Willians Astudillo, — Is he the most difficult batter to strike out in today’s game?

Los Angeles Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons currently has the highest ratio (10.32) of AB per strikeout in Major League Baseball.

To put this in perspective, the 2018 MLB strike out leader, Yoan Moncada was fanned 217 times (2.66). When you compare those totals to Hall of Fame right fielder Willie Keller (Class of 1939), who did it once every 63.17 and Puerto Rican baseball legend, Pancho Coimbre, considered the most difficult hitter to strikeout in Winter League/ Negro League baseball history struck out once every 75.17 at-bats; the ability of not striking out has become a lost art.

«La tortuga ninja»:

Willians, a 5’9″ and 225 lbs. Venezuelan, is an utility player fighting for a roster spot in the Minnesota Twins Spring Training camp. He is a .305 career batter in the minor leagues; a contact hitter who can catch, play first and third base. He even pitched in a game!

Outstanding K’s per At bat ratios:

In 2018, Astudillo struck out only three times in 93 at-bats which translates to one time for every 33 at-bats, not bad for the 27-year old rookie. When you further analyze his Minor League Baseball statistics, in 2,981 at-bats, he only struck out 99 times for an impressive ratio of 30.11 at-bats.

The secret of not striking out:

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Con las Bases Llenas, we asked Astudillo how was he able to achieve this impressive feat of not striking out.

He credited his supportive father — a professional ex-baseball player in the Venezuelan professional league for teaching him to play the right way, making him hit countless bottle caps and up to 100 kernels of corn at a time so he could adjust his vision and coordination.

Astudillo has become a clubhouse and fan-favorite, always in a good mood, and providing his teammates and coaches with a good laugh. He possesses the skills, the attitude and the Latin-American passion, to be a successful player on any Major League Baseball team.

By Raul Ramos (Twitter: @Ramosrauli)

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