Jackie Robinson’s Day: Celebrating the date when baseball for the first time was the national pastime

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami– On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made his major league debut wearing the Brooklyn Dodgers jersey. That day not only did Jackie broke the color barrier, but he also made baseball truly the national pastime for the United States, and from that moment on, the Major Leagues would also be: The best Baseball League in the world.

How could baseball be considered America’s national pastime if colored players could not play? And how could you believe that the Major Leagues was the best baseball league in the world when many of the best players in the world could not play just because they were black?

This happened about eighty years ago, but it would change in a unique way the rest of baseball history. That is why this historical date, added to an impeccable career of Robinson, was the reason that in 2004, MLB began to celebrate «The Jackie Robinson Day».

Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962 and his number 42, is the only one to this day, retired in all baseball. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate and remember the incredible contributions and sacrifices made by this player for baseball and for society, which will never be forgotten. And that number 42 gave it all, he just asked to be respected but Jackie also said: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

Robinson not only impacted my life and I’m sure he did impact yours too, but Jackie also impacted the history of our country: United States.

And without any doubt, tomorrow when the 30 teams in baseball, wear that number 42 on their uniforms, from heaven, just sitting there, in that special place that God have for heroes like Jackie Robinson, he’ll be proud, after all, today the world is a better place because one day in April 15, he decided with the help of Branch Rickey to change the course of history forever.

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