Jack Morris and Alan Tramell, the new members of Cooperstown

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The results are in, and this Sunday two former stars of the Detroit Tigers, were elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown by the Modern Age Baseball Committee: Jack Morris and Alan Trammell.

Morris, in his 18-season career, won 254 games, his ERA was 3.90, with 2478 strikeouts, and he completed 175 games with 28 shutouts. In addition to being a key player in 3 World Series, all with different teams: Detroit Tigers in 1984, Twins in 1991, throwing that unforgettable shutout in Game 7 of the World Series against the Atlanta Braves and the following year, Morris won 21 games for the Toronto Blue Jays, that won the first of two consecutive crowns.

While the other immortal, Trammell militated for 20 seasons in the majors, all with the Tigers. Average for 285 in a total of 2,293 games in which he participated, 185 homers and 1,003 runs batted in. The defense was not second to anyone since he was awarded with 4 Gold Gloves in addition to participating in six All-Star Games. To his record he adds that he was the Most Valuable Player of the 1984 World Series, in which Detroit beat San Diego in five games.

Jack Morris received 14 of the 16 votes for 87.5%, and Alan Trammell scored 13 of the 16 for 81.3%. A minimum of 75% mandatory is required to be chosen among the immortals.

The following players were left out: Don Mattingly, Dave Parker, Ted Simmons, Marvin Miller, Luis Tiant, Steve Garvey, Tommy John and Dale Murhpy.

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