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Is time to drop Giancarlo Stanton in the lineup?

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami– Giancarlo Stanton continues to receive boos wearing the pinstripes. Wearing that uniform is not an easy task. Previous stars have failed. Playing with the Bombers is difficult and the slugger understands it. Stanton says he does not mind the way the New York crowd is treating him and for now the slugger has said he prefers to focus on positive things.

Last night after the Yankees’ 9-1 loss to the Marlins, manager Aaron Boone was interviewed and questioned about the performance of the reigning National League MVP Award winner, who went 0 for 4 last night, including two strikeouts. The manager of the Yankees has used Giancarlo as third hitter in the lineup in all games this season (16), but for the first time the pilot of the Bronx ship recognized that there is the possibility of using his bat in a lower batting order, although according to him: “It would not be a very drastic change”.

My opinion

First of all we have to understand that so far in the campaign there have been two Stantons. One playing road games and another playing at home. In eight games at Yankee Stadium, Stanton has three hits in 35 at-bats for a pitiful 086, with a homer, three RBIs, three walks and 20 strikeouts. Outside the baseball cathedral (Yankee Stadium), Stanton in eight games have a batting average of 323, with seven runs scored, three doubles, one triple, two homers, seven RBIs, four walks and nine strikeouts.

But my question is: Why Boone has not rest Giancarlo in any game? Why let him continue to struggle day after day and not giving Stanton a couple of days off? Then bring him back as a 6th in the order. This would release a little pressure on the slugger and also give him a chance to see better pitches in that order.

Hopefully this is just a bad start and the difficulty of adapting to a completely different environment than Miami, where he played in front of 3 thousand fans and was interviewed by 4 or 5 journalists while being mentioned in just a couple of newspapers.

For the sake of the Yankees, Stanton’s bat is expected to explode at any moment and he will not go down in history as one of those baseball stars that left a bad taste in the mouth of fans while wearing pinstripes.

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