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Is it time to panic for the Yankees?

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami– At this time, several people have been jumping off buildings, others are taking pills for high blood pressure or perhaps already made an appointment with his psychologist, but the reality is that despite a difficult start for the Yankees this 2018, there is 152 games left to play and this is called: Baseball

Sometimes when things like this happen, the best exercise to do is to dig into a few statistics that at the end are ruling modern baseball.

Let’s take the last season that the Yankees won the championship because at the end that is what is expected every year from the Bombers and this campaign more than in others because there is still in everybody’s mouth the bitter taste of having been just a game away from the World Series in 2017.

So let’s choose 2009 (the last championship). In that season the Yankees started with a record of 5 wins and an equal number of defeats. While they had scored a total of 31 (3.1 per game) runs while they allowed 39 (3.9 per game). His final record was 89-73. Of those 31 runs scored in 10 games we must remember that third baseman Alex Rodriguez could not start on the 25-man roster due to a hip injury.

In this early 2018, the record of the Yankees is 5-5 as in 2009. But in runs scored there are 55 (24 more than in 2009) while they have allowed 44 (5 more than in 2009). That gives a total of 5.5 runs scored per game and 4.4 allowed.

Keep in mind that the Yankees bullpen, which by names and results from 2017 is considered among the top 3 of all baseball, has been in bad shape. In 42.1 innings they has allowed 23 earned runs and that gives us an average of 4.92 ERA. That must undoubtedly go down considerably the rest of this season.

According to FanGraph site, which manages an impressive data and calculates more accurately than any other the projections of each season, the Yankees this 2018 must finish with a record of 95-67, they must allow 3.98 runs per game while scoring 4.84 in each challenge.

Here is a list of the last 7 seasons in which the Yankees have reached the World Series and the record of wins and losses for their first 10 games, then their final record and the number of runs scored and allowed.


Wins (1st 10 games) Losses (1st 10 games) Wins Losses Runs Scored Runs allowed


6 4 92 70 51 39


6 4 114 48 69



7 3 98 64 70 41
2000 7 3 87 74 52



7 3 95 65 70 43
2003 9 1 101 61 70



5 5 89 73 31


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