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Cameras, Light….Action! The Yankee Show is about to begin

By Alfredo Alvarez

If you call yourself a baseball fan and even more so, a Yankee, you must be right now very excited and happy. This Monday morning, in the George M. Steinbrenner field, about 60 members of the Yankee team met to train. The incredible thing is that the bleachers were filled to see the batting practices. Although….. Well, the reality is that all eyes seemed to be fixed on Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Already sounding their powerful bats, the two leaders in home runs in 2017 in each of the leagues, now wearing the same uniform, took out several ‘’108 seams queens’’, in fact it seems they did not like the ride, because they left crying from the bats of these two sluggers. With each swing the more than 2,000 fans in attendance applauded. There are still 39 days left for the 2018 Opening Day, but we are clear that the batting practices of these two will be like the Beatles’ concert in London, in each stadium they go to.

The two giants were not alone, this show also included Gary Sanchez. Today, Stanton won the first Mini-Home Run Derby of 2018 during the full training on Monday, hitting four bombs off the field. And is that today only saw the beginning of the atmosphere of rock stars that promises to follow the Yankees during the 2018 season. The Yankees recently decided to open the doors three hours before the home games of Spring Training for the fans so they won’t miss a swing. The judge put one in the middle of the street in left field, while Stanton cut the «F» in George M. Steinbrenner Field on the scoreboard.

With the focus on Judge and Stanton, Sanchez’s hits were reduced to a normal applause, but there is no doubt that Sanchez, not without the strength of these gladiators, is a great hitter, perhaps better than Giancarlo and Aaron.

It was the first training session of the year for Judge, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder in November. Judge said that nothing stops him and that he never sways to the maximum effort during batting practice. He keep his routine. It does not matter if there are zero people in the stands or if it is full.

Stanton said the fans did not affect his training in any way. Usually, Giancarlo, tries to hit the ball into the right field, concentrating on the turn of his back. Even though he said he knows the fans are there for entertainment, but he also have to do his job.

Anyway, this is just the beginning. The good seems to be yet to come. If you are a New York Yankees fan, prepare your favorite sofa, buy your best beer and don’t make plans mostly at nights during the next 7 months because it looks like you’ll be part of a very special and unforgettable show.

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Alfredo Alvarez
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