Blue Jays: Time to change direction before the All-Star Game

What we saw in Oakland and Seattle last week is not surprising, right? Blue Jays have been struggling in pitching for this season. If we review the stats, we can confirm that seeing Toronto in the 22nd position in general pitching is only one reason this team is close to being the last in the American League East. What about the lineup? Do Charlie Montoyo needs to shake up the batting order? What else do the Jays need to adjust before the All-Star Game break?

Let’s start analyzing the pitching stats for this team first; Blue Jays are in the 22nd position for pitching in MLB with a 4.13 ERA. For starting pitchers, this team is 16th with a 4.01 ERA, and for relievers, a 4.30 ERA in the 23rd position. But is that enough to be close to the last place in their Division? Actually, no, and if we review the stats for Adam Cimber, David Phelps, and Trevor Richards, we can get an idea of the problem for the pitching staff.

Blue Jays relievers need a break

Adam Cimber, right-hand reliever, has been in 40 games this season, 40 games before the All-Star Game, and still counting. David Phelps, right-hand reliever, 37 games. Trevor Richards, right-handed reliever, 33 games. This stat can be the perfect picture to understand why the Blue Jays lost their last three games in Seattle, where the team allowed eight runs after the 5th inning.

Is Charlie Montoyo the problem in the Blue Jays season?

I don’t think so, but at the same time, I don’t think he’s maximizing his resources, and why? He is working with his staff and will still work with them until some pitchers can join the team. The only «mistake» that we can add for this nightmare road trip was starting with Anthony Banda instead of Casey Lawrence or Sergio Romo (previous experience as an opener with Tampa Bay in 2018).

What about the lineup?

We know that George Springer is the best first bat that Blue Jays can have right now, right? But what about making some changes in the lineup? What about moving Bo Bichette from the second to the fifth spot or moving Vladimir Guerrero from third in the lineup to second? Those things make me think that a manager needs to consider instead of repeating something that is not working.

The Blue Jays will have six games in Rogers Centre this week, and this could be the best moment to change the direction of the season where the Baltimore Orioles are two games behind you, facing the Philadelphia Phillies and the Kansas City Royals in one of the most critical weeks for this team in this season.

Escrito por: Ricardo Márquez
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