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Adolph »Otto» Rettig’s unlikely career

Today Baseball Curiosities

I want to dedicate this new section of my blog to give you curious baseball facts. Those stories or events that throughout history have increased the mythical and magic of this wonderful sport. 

Did you know that? 

The pitcher Adolph » Otto » Rettig of the Connie Mack Philadelphia Athletics, debuted in the Majors on July 19, 1922 against the St. Louis Browns and beat them with final score of 6 to 3 and then start two more games losing both of them. 

However, Mack started Rettig five days later one more time against the Browns. Rettig opened the first inning by walking Wally Gerber and Jack Tobin and then just started walking and leave the mound on his way to the showers. Never again would Rettig set foot on a Major League field.

While Rettig’s unlikely career was quite short, it did have an impact. The Browns lost the American League pennant against the Yankees for a game of difference and for years the manager of that St Louis team, Lee Fohl, blamed losing the season to that July 19 defeat in Philadelphia against that pitcher who only pitched 4 games in his career.

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